Our work

Our Vision

To develop and rehabilitate differently abled children. With right guidance  most of them should be able to earn  their  living and live with dignity and comfort without being a burden  to the society  or to their parental family.

Our Mission

At our vocational training centre the teachers work to develop the children in job oriented special skills. Dancing & Music are used for entertainment  as well as a therapy  for the development of  their psychomotor and affective domains. This method has been very effective in developing these children.

No one can survive in this  world today without language and mathematics.  Therefore,  the children are taught language and mathematics regularly. We find that the results are much better than we expected. We have now started coaching some of the children for the government exams as an experiment.

Our service

All the services at Diri Daru Piyasa are provided free of charge for her students. Today we have about 30 children following classes throughout 5 days a week. The institution is run by using the regular contributions from kind donors and sponsors. In addition to the training and the care, we also provide breakfast,  lunch, and afternoon snack with tea.

Our Achievements

Here are some of our proud achievements:

  • One of the past students is now working as a dance teacher in a leading school.
  • We have a dance group and a music group. They have very successfully performed for various occasions.
  • A few of the children can now use the calculator.
  • Carpentry and handicraft (making door mats, fabric painting, embroidery, cookery) training.

Most Required

For quite some time we have been feeling the need of a building complex to fulfil the needs of the special children. Recently we were able to start work on a new project to build a complex with class rooms, a hostel, workshop, gymnasium/theatre, playground and an administrative block.

How to help us

We highly appreciate ongoing support of our kind donors for this great cause.